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I’m an 24 year old digital designer from Amsterdam. I have a passion for creating unique online experiences and turn complex issues into simplistic and meaningful digital solutions. Simply put, I like to design interfaces that solve problems, look good and work well.

I currently work as a UX designer at M2mobi, a full service mobile agency. I also have my own studio called Braav Studio, from which I help companies to be found online by, for example, developing websites and applying basic SEO and creating digital experiences. I previously worked as a freelancer at a marketing agency called Sluijmer Multimedia and at Orange Tribes a digital innovator.

My ambition is to innovate the world and make people’s daily lives better by creating and enhancing their experiences with technology. That is why I like the UI / UX designer field so much. I am a true innovator and would like to work on cool projects with a team of other designers, copywriters and developers.

I have experience with many tools, languages, frameworks and CMSs. I have used Photoshop for many of the designs you see, but now I’m improvising Sketch and Principle. To make my designs interactive or presentable, I used a lot of InVision and HTML5 / CSS3 / JS, but I also have experience with After Effects and other programs. I would like to learn other programs such as Principle and ProtoPie, which I have just discovered and I think that they will offer me more freedom and the designs will then be expressed even better. I can then better test with users or make products presentable. In fact, I always try to find new programs and methods to use if I think they will help me with my design process. As a designer I will always have to keep learning and discovering.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me in Amsterdam, at different music festivals or eating at a food truck.

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